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Finding Inspiration & Innovative Ways to Help Vietnamese Refugees

Since 2012, We have worked with several international organizations to assist Vietnamese refugees in Thailand. In those years, we traveled around big cities where Vietnamese-Americans lived to promote awareness how to help the refugees in six areas: temporary shelter, food, health, education, legal assistant and settlement.

In 2016, we visited stateless Vietnamese in Cambodia and Vietnamese refugees in Thailand; our goal is to gather information and identify 4 out of 6 areas that need to be on top of the list; those are: temporary shelter, food, health, and education.  Because the Cambodian government does not issue birth certificates to Vietnamese living in Cambodia nor does the Thai government sign the 1951 international refugee convention. So the Cambodian and Thai governments treat refugees like other illegally immigrants. Refugees have to stay stateless and illegally in Cambodia and Thailand if they are arrested, the refugees would be detained indefinitely and do not know if they can resettle in a third country or not.

On our flight back to the United States in November 2016, we decided to establish All Charitable Fund Foundation (ACF Foundation), that was recognized as a non-profit organization from the US Treasury Department with Mission stated above.

ACF Foundation officially started its operation in 2017.

Meet The U.S.A. Team

Kim Phung, PR Director
Hien Tran, PR Director
Quang H Pham, Advisory Director
Dan M Tran, Founder/Director
Van Ngo, Operation Director
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